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It’s Been A While…

…Since I wrote in this blog – I’ve been tidying up my horrendously cluttered office (yes my life is that exciting!) and I found an old school report that said, ‘Robert is inclined to rest on his laurels’, which is as true today as it was back then. I published my book The Accidental Courier last October and have been ‘resting on my laurels’ ever since – full of good intentions and weak excuses for not getting on with the next book. Actually, that’s not strictly true, I haven’t been completely idle, I’ve been plotting and planning and the first chapter and a half of my next thriller is already written but it’s fair to say progress has been slow.

I’ve also been busy promoting The Accidental Courier by writing press-releases and giving talks and even shooting a book trailer, which you can see below (it’s amazing how drivers slow down when there’s someone on the roadside pointing a camera at them!).

I was also invited to be a guest blogger on Tony Riches Blog – The Writing Desk (http://tonyriches.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/guest-post-accidental-courier-by-robert.html) and it was this which made me think it’s high time I kick-started my own blog again. Tony writes historical fiction and has a new novel coming out soon called The Kingmaker – watch this space for more information.

So, if I have any followers left after my long absence, thanks for your patience and you can expect more regular blog entries from me from now on.

Meanwhile, why not enjoy my two-minute video:


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Why writers should always carry a smartphone

Almost every creative writing book I have ever read has advised wannabe writers to carry, at all times, a notebook so they can capture ideas as they occur and before they are forgotten. But times have moved on and now we’re in the digital age let me update that advice: Always carry a smart phone.

You can still use it as a notebook – there are even apps for some models that let you make handwritten notes if you truly feel the need to cling to the old ways. Plus, if you wake up inspired in the middle of the night you can make notes on a smartphone without having to switch on the light and maybe disturbing your partner.

You can also dictate notes and even record evocative sounds, or take photographs of scenes that inspire. Some events are better captured in this way: take the dog in this photo for example – I just happened to walk past a parked car where his owner had temporarily left him in the driver’s seat. He looked so chuffed with himself that I just had to capture the moment. I know there’s a story there somewhere!


And I defy anyone with imagination not to conjure up a story of some kind from this sign on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path.

I know it’s a cliché but you could start by asking yourself: Did he jump/fall? Or was he pushed?

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