Hide & Seek

‘Ready or not, here I come…

Hide and Seek is surely one of the oldest games in the universe. It’s so beautifully simple – one person closes their eyes and counts to ten and the other dashes off to hide somewhere. I loved playing it as a child and also loved playing it with my children.

The trouble is I’m too good at it! One time I was playing with my son when he was about four and I dashed off and hid in a wardrobe. Standing still and silent in the dark of the cupboard I could hear him rooting around the bedroom checking under the bed and I froze expecting to be discovered at any moment. It was a double wardrobe and he opened one of the doors and peered in but for some reason he left the door I was behind closed and failed to spot me. Success! Surely he’d have to give up now. I heard him move onto other rooms and remained where I was. After about half a hour my wife came into the bedroom and almost passed out with fright when she found me lurking in the wardrobe.

“Where is he?” I asked. To tell the truth, I’d been getting a bit bored waiting for him.

“He went out to play in the garden with the little girl next door,” she said, laughing at my being cast aside like a forgotten toy!

Undeterred, I still love the game and yesterday, while Grandma was busy cooking sausages in the kitchen, I played it again, this time with my four year old grandson. I found a really tight but well concealed spot wedged in the corner of our living room between the sofa and a little-used cupboard. Once again I felt the thrill of anticipation at hearing my grandson moving around the room searching for me and not finding me. Soon, he’d enlisted the help of Grandma and the two of them came into the room and still failed to discover my hiding place. They moved on and I could hear them searching around the house calling my name but I wasn’t about to fall for that old trick! After a while, a note of desperation crept into Grandma’s voice as she called out that the sausages were burning. It was only then that I realised I was well and truly wedged into my hiding place and couldn’t budge. Eventually, guided by my cries for help they found me and, when they’d stopped laughing at my predicament, they managed to help me clamber out.

What a great game!

Have you had any embarrassing moments playing children’s games that you want to share?

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