Hoggin’ The Bridge 2012

Last Sunday I attended my first ever Hoggin’ The Bridge event and took loads of photos of the thousands of bikers who gather together every year to raise money for charities by riding across the Severn Bridge and heading to Chepstow. Whatever stereotypes you may have in your mind about leather and denim-clad bikers, these guys were friendly and polite and the atmosphere in Chepstow was simply amazing.  The townsfolk lined the streets to clap and cheer the bikes as they made their way to party in the town centre with some great bands playing too (I particularly liked the folk group ‘Rusty Shackle’). A great day out for all the family!

I’ve been a push-biker up until now but this is going to have to change: next year I would love to take part! Here are some of my best pics:

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Dedicated to my former friend and colleague Uwe Frey (deceased) who participated many times in this event and whose spirit will have been lingering in the mist.

More info: http://www.hogginthebridge.co.uk

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