A Hug for Gadget Geeks

The Psion 3a

One of my first digital organisers – the Psion 3a

I know there are some writers who shun technology in favour of simple pen and paper and if you’re one of them that’s fine – but I’m most definitely in the other camp. I am an unashamed gadget geek and have been ever since throwing away my slide rule in favour of a pocket calculator. I was one of the first among my family and friends to own a Psion Organiser (pictured) and I willingly abandoned buying CDs as soon as I could download music from the Internet, my cameras are all digital, I do most of my writing on my iPad, or iPhone, and it’s all backed up in the cloud – and yes, of course I have an eReader! I tweet, I blog and I design and maintain my own websites. I love technology!

That said, some of the new technological developments I’ve read about this week leave even a technophile like me flummoxed. Apparently, television remote controls may soon disappear from our living rooms as new TVs will change channels at the wave of a hand. My first thought was ‘wow’ but then I considered some of the practicalities: Does it mean that every time a toddler runs in front of the set the channel will change? I often jump up excitedly when my football team scores a goal and would not appreciate missing the instant replay because the TV thinks I want to switch over! Also, Mrs D has a tendency to wave her hands as she talks – is she supposed to sit on them to watch TV from now on?

Then there’s the new ‘Like-A-Hug’ jacket designed by Melissa Kit Chow, a student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which “allow(s) us to feel the warmth, support or love that we feel when we receive hugs”. Apparently, it works through air pockets that inflate when the wearer’s mobile phone picks up a signal that a page has been liked. At first I liked the sound of this but what happens when you’re not wearing it and someone ‘likes’ your page – does it jump off the peg? Also, can people still give you a Facebook ‘poke’? It could be embarrassing if your jacket starts poking you in public!

Such a jacket would be wasted on me anyway as I only have 21 ‘likes’ so far on my new Facebook page… so, if you like this blog, then why not give me a virtual hug now by following this link to Facebook and liking my page too?


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