The Joy of Blogging & Tweeting

I’ve been blogging and tweeting for just over 3 months now and I must admit my reasons for starting down this path were primarily motivated by self-marketing. I wanted to build a following for my forthcoming novel White Van Man. On a more altruistic note, I also wanted to record and share some of my experiences on the road to publication in the hope of encouraging others with similar dreams not to give up.

An unexpected pleasure and benefit of blogging and tweeting that I didn’t anticipate is that I now feel part of a global writing community that I never even knew existed. There are so many like-minded people in the world offering helpful advice and support for writers it is incredible. Sure there are sharks and trolls and crooks and idiots and you need to keep your wits about you but there are also a lot of lovely, generous souls out there that are fast becoming my virtual friends.

Three months into this activity I still only have a very modest following but it is growing steadily and I’m very happy with this slow build up. There’s been a lot of bad publicity recently about some sad authors using false names on the Internet to give their own work glowing reviews on book sites and ‘buying’ fake followers on Twitter and Facebook to make them appear more popular. They might make a fast buck but I think it’s very short-sighted. I’m quite content to grow my fan base organically and while I’ll take every opportunity to promote my book in an open and honest way when it’s published, I’ll never intentionally cheat my readers. After all, you can’t buy trust and integrity and when they’re lost they’re gone forever.

Thanks to those who are following me now and a warm welcome to any newcomers. Oh and please buy my book White Van Man when it’s out!

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  1. Totally agree Bob, Blowing my own trumpet has never been a hobby I’ve accomplished much like playing the piano!

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