Chocolate? Yes? Or No?

Some of the characters one meets in real life would become almost unbelievable in fiction. For example, last week in a West Country town that I won’t name (for reasons that will become apparent), Mrs D and I were hesitating outside an independent chocolatier fighting, and slowly losing, a battle with temptation. We were still undecided when a voice from behind said, ‘If you go inside, they’ll probably give you some free samples…’

A rather genteel lady with silver hair and a purple coat stood blinking at us in the afternoon sunshine. This was all the persuasion we needed so we took another step towards the emporium, our minds tipped towards satisfying our lust for chocolate.

But then she added, ‘Mind you, I don’t know what they put in it but it gave me terrible diarrhoea! Oh my goodness I was bad for days – they said plenty of others had eaten their chocolate without any problem but I’m sure it’s what did for me!’

And that was it – our battle was over – suddenly the temptation had become so much easier to resist!

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