It Started With A Kiss


Writing in The Telegraph today, Hannah Furness urges women to think carefully before routinely ending a text or email with an ‘x’.

Apparently, research by a dating website shows that many men interpret this symbolic kiss as a flirtatious advance; while 9 out of 10 women just routinely sign-off that way. Over half those who’ve admitted having relationships with colleagues said it started with an ‘x’ at the end of a text or email.

Misunderstandings such as this can make wonderful material for stories – especially if you’re writing romantic comedies. It’s a device that’s been used by writers throughout the centuries and hilarious examples can be found from Shakespeare to Mrs Brown’s Boys.

In real life, I wonder how many relationships get started through a simple misunderstanding and, on a more sinister note, how many people have died as a consequence of their innocent or naive remarks being (accidentally or deliberately) misinterpreted?

If you know of any and you want to share please feel free to comment.

That’s all from me for now.

Bye x x x


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4 responses to “It Started With A Kiss

  1. Debi

    I must admit I nearly always end my. Texts and emails with a ‘X’ and I did once accidentally put one on a male colleagues but luckily he didn’t read anything in to it !!!

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Thanks Debi, being a bloke myself I must admit I’ve never seen an ‘x’ as anything more than a term of endearment and they usually only appear from someone who is a close friend anyway. But maybe I’m in the minority? To me it’s no different to swopping a peck on the cheek when saying cheerio. X

  2. Lotty

    Unless its someone I hardly know, I always end with a kiss! The other great one for misunderstandings has to be predictive texts xxx note the kisses

  3. Ah yes! Predictive text can be very dangerous: my wife once sent a text to our son that read she’d ‘be late home because she was having a ‘NECK’ with dad’ – what she’d meant to say was ‘MEAL’ – same keys on keypad but a very different meaning. Unfortunately for me we were just having a meal out! (Kisses noted and right back at ya xxx)

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