Push-Button Art

I’ve discovered a new special effect option on my digital camera that converts whatever photo I’m taking into a piece of art. Although I enjoy photography and have taken some pleasing photos, I’ve never been much good at drawing and sketching. Yet now, at the push of a button, my camera can create the art-like images you see here, which I could print on canvas to hang on the wall. Clever, isn’t it.


I wonder if it will only be a matter of time before one can dictate some rudimentary plot points and character outlines into a computer and leave it to write a passably entertaining science fiction, thriller, or romance novel without further input. You can bet someone, somewhere is already working on a program…

…in fact, I think a prototype may have already been developed judging by some of the rather disappointing and formulaic novels out there!

Interesting times we writers are living in with lots of fresh challenges – but don’t let the gloom merchants drag you down. I believe there are plenty of new opportunities for those who have the talent and a willingness to embrace all the changes happening in the world of books.

One thing I know for certain; people have an insatiable hunger for great new stories and, for as long as we keep teaching our children to read, this appetite will always need to be satisfied.

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