The Birth of a Novel

I’ve hardly mentioned it so far, but I started this blog with the intention of diarising my attempts to bring my debut novel ‘White Van Man’ to public attention – ideally via the traditional agent/publisher route, although I won’t rule out self-publishing either.

Most of my big ideas come to me in the bath and this was no exception. I’d just finished reading a magazine article when I spotted in the small ads a ‘white van man’ offering his courier services with the claim ‘no job too small’. It started me dreaming about the freedom of being my own boss and having the kind of job where the only real decision I faced each day was where to stop for coffee (well it was a dream!). In these austere times, many of us have faced the looming prospect of redundancy and, in evaluating our skill set, have had the thought; ‘well at least I can drive’. I know I certainly have.

At the time, my wife worked as a customer services manager for a nationwide courier firm and she shared with me some of the tough realities that their freelance van drivers faced (I think she was worried I might seriously be considering a career change!).

And from that germ of an idea, I thought wouldn’t it be fun to have some poor ordinary office guy and take away his job and then his wife and then toss him into an unfamiliar world of which he has no real experience and watch him struggle as I threw more and more difficult choices in his path. Once I started, and as the characters came to life for me, the book practically wrote itself. I sincerely hope that, when I’ve finished editing and lovingly polishing it, people will get as much enjoyment from reading it as I had writing it.

I’ve booked some one-to-ones with agents at a Writing Festival in September in the hope that one of them will wave my book in front of the big publishers and start a bidding war for the rights to publish me (Well, I never stop dreaming! As they say in the song ‘Happy Talk’ – you gotta to have a dream, if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?).


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2 responses to “The Birth of a Novel

  1. good luck – could be the next 50 shades of Grey !

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