Pit Zips

I know this blog is allegedly about writing but occasionally, like all writers, I get distracted.

With all the rain we’ve been having of late, I decided to buy a new waterproof jacket. There are many to choose from so in the end, for me, it all boiled down to colour: I generally try and avoid bright reds, blues or greens, so I chose a nice plain charcoal-grey. It was only when I got home and took off the labels that I noticed my new waterproof has ‘Pit Zips’. Now, for the uninitiated, these are zips, about a foot long, beneath each armpit and the blurb tells me they can be used to regulate my temperature.

So there we have it – next time I get all sweaty climbing up a mountain, I can unzip my pit zips, put my hands on my head and shoot the breeze, pirouetting like Maria in the early scenes of The Sound of Music. It’ll release all of those nasty underarm odours and replace them with sweet mountain air. I wonder if there’s any danger of my jacket filling up and making me look like a big charcoal balloon.

These pit zips could be handy for letting out steam on a crowded tube train too; although I’m not sure what the other passengers’ll make of it! Also great for having a good old pit scratch, without the need to take the jacket off.

Of course, its hardly rained here in Cardiff since I bought it.


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2 responses to “Pit Zips

  1. Hope we get a chance to see the real thing at CWC – I’m sure it will go down a storm! Jan

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