Invisible Money

After reading my last blog ‘The Art of the Invisible’ (June 6th), a family member joked that offering invisible money for groceries wouldn’t cut much ice at the supermarket. This made me wonder whether one might try and blag one’s way past the ticket office for the ‘Invisible Art’ exhibition at the Haywards Gallery by slapping a few invisible notes on the counter and then showing your invisible ticket to the attendant. After all, invisible money isn’t much of a stretch for the imagination – my money disappears so fast these days it could almost be invisible. And, isn’t the world financial crisis largely down to banks lending invisible money that they never actually had to people with invisible means of paying it back?

As I stare at the blank page before me (as we writers allegedly do) I’m still thinking that publishing a blank book containing an invisible story isn’t such a bad idea. Perhaps the blurb on the cover would read something like this:

Between these covers is a story that will change your life. Autobiography, Science Fiction, Crime, Romance, this work transcends genre and defies classification. A story that knows no boundaries and is limited only by your imagination. It can be whatever you want it to be. You won’t need a bookmark as you can turn to any page and take up exactly where you left off. You can even read it in the dark. This extraordinary tale is available in every language in the world and can be purchased from all good stationers, or as a download from selected websites in a variety of electronic formats.

The other thing that is invisible and disappears almost as fast as money is time – so thank you for sharing yours with me. Goodbye for now, please do return soon.

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