Hello World

This is the first of what I hope will be many blog posts on the subject of writing fiction and of my attempts to find an agent/publisher for my first novel that has the working title: ‘White Van Man’. The story is about a banker – Martin Blake – who is made redundant and decides to become his own boss and invest his redundancy money in a white van: His intention being to make a living as a freelance delivery driver. Sadly for Martin, things don’t quite go according to plan and he finds himself being slowly sucked into a world of crime while his marriage falls apart.

OK so I know there will be some marketing challenges for a book about a banker/white van driver – surely two of the most hated professions in the world now. I’m under no illusions about how hard it is to break into print although I have had some successes with my short stories. The main thing is I enjoyed writing the first draft and am enjoying the current rewriting and editing process. My hope is that eventually it will bring similar enjoyment to the readers and if I succeed in that it will all have been worthwhile. Please stay with me through this blog and let’s hope we both enjoy the journey together.


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2 responses to “Hello World

  1. I like the plot outline. It’s interesting and plausible! As you said, you’ve had success with short stories – so there’s every chance you’ll pick up a publisher. I’m looking forward to following your journey. Finding a publisher in this celebrity workshipping & austerity culture is difficult, but the fact that you’re writing in conjunction with social media is another plus as far as publishers/agents are concerned.

    With any luck, at some future point in time you’ll read back over your blog and realise it’s a record of your literary success!

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